Taste the culture and flavor of Mexico

Azul Tequila Bistro is both elegant and inviting. The restaurant offers à la carte service, with exquisite Mexican food that will make your mouth water for more!
A great place to go out on the town or catch up over drinks after work – you’ll feel right at home as soon as those doors open up in this cool cantina atmosphere where we serve some of Mexico’s finest ingredients alongside boozy beverages.


Enjoy delicious food every day at Azul Tequila Bistro!

Sunday to Thursday: 11 am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday – 11 am to 10pm


If you are looking for an authentic taste of Mexico, look no further than our restaurant. With a menu filled with classic dishes that have been given fresh, unexpected twists, we offer a truly unique dining experience. Whether you opt for the fiery spice of our tacos al pastor or the rich richness of our enchiladas, you will find yourself transported to another world as soon as you set foot inside our doors. So come join us today and treat yourself like a king! 


The perfect place for an evening out

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy an evening out, look no further than Azul Tequila Bistro. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the welcoming atmosphere and the tantalizing smells of authentic cuisine. As you browse the menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of delicious options.


Taste the freshness


At Azul Tequila Bistro, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest, highest-quality Mexican cuisine in town. Whether you’re looking for our famous tacos, mouthwatering enchiladas, or crisp margaritas, you can taste the difference that extra care and attention to detail makes.